Dr Arleen Fuller

Dr Arleen Fuller is a native of Savannah GA. She is a leader for leaders. She has thousands of followers in the United States and Abroad with ministries in Ghana West Africa, Nigeria West Africa, Kenya East Africa, India, Pakistan and the Phillipines.

She believes that your name means everything and the month you are born in. Her first name Arleen is Irish and means a pledge and oath. Her surname Fuller is so very powerful. A Fuller was a person who filled the cloth. If the cloth was filthy they would get a tub and fill it with urine and take their shoes off and stomp on the cloth until they get every dirt out of it. Dr Fuller is a person who have helped thousands of people. She believes that we all can do whatever it takes to change this world, one person at a time. She looks beyond what she sees on the outside of a person and see their future.

She has been ordained over 35 years and she has also worked in business for over 30 years. She is a person who has never held one job, but always worked and had her own businesses. She holds a Doctorate in Theology and is a certified Life Coach as well as a Master Life Coach.. She is also a public speaker, Empowerment Coach, A motivational speaker, humanitarian and community activist.

She is a two times survivor of domestic violence. She has also over came numerous major illnesses, including severe depression, mental illness, severe migraines, brain tumors, malaria which she contracted in West Africa, 2 major car accidents, and a ruptured ovary which she had seconds to live if she didn’t have emergency surgery. She has transformed the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life. Some of her non profits are A.L.I.C.E. Hope (assisting ladies in crisis everywhere), Substance Abuse Ministries, Second Chance, Entrepreneur Program, Vehicle program. She inspires others with her testimonies of faith and accomplishments with overcoming so much adversity. One of her major strength is Empowering leaders, rather spiritually, personally, or in business. She is the Senior Leader of Miracle Deliverance Field Prayer Center which is a 5-Fold Ministry Training Center. She is also the CEO and Founder of Arleen Fuller Entertainment WorldWide, AFEWW Productions, Wedding Officiant Services of Savannah, A & F Professional Cleaners, Arleen Fuller Global Ministries and It'samay Coaching and Consulting, and It'samay Training Institute.

Her motto is “I can do all things.”